We have a couple of shows coming in november and december with some dudes called War From A Harlots Mouth and Uneven Structure
WFAHM will be promoting their new album "Voyeur" so you can tell this is gonna be a blast! 

You don`t wanna miss that! 

In october, we will also play at the Doom Over Giessen Fest, check the flyer.
The show with Hessian, Alpinist and The Tidal Sleep got canceled!

Check out the dates and spread the word!


Presented by: Metal Hammer, Fuze, Guitar, Sticks,, Allschools

19.10.12 Germany Köln Euroblast Festival * WFAHM only
20.10.12 Austria Lustenau Pleasure Of Rock Festival * WFAHM only
29.11.12 Germany Hamburg Hafenklang
30.11.12 Germany Münster Sputnikcafe
01.12.12 Germany Bautzen Steinhaus
06.12.12 Germany Rüsselsheim Rind Club
07.12.12 Austria Salzburg Rockhouse Bar * w/o Bitterness Exhumed
08.12.12 Germany Stuttgart Juha West

STUDIO BLOG part four

Day four at the studio!

Since about 9 hours Mike is recording bass and it sounds fucking killer! He`s wearing a "None heavier" Crowbar-shirt and to me (while i`m sitting here listening to him getting the job done) it`s exactly what`s up: none fucking heavier (or at least none that we ever recorded so far....)

We`re almost done now and the result is awesome so far.
Piece by piece the project takes shape and it feels fucking exciting so hear the songs getting more and more like we want them to be.....

As Mike nailed all 11 songs today we can start recording Moshfred`s guitar tommorw, starting at 12pm!

As always here are some impression from the day in the studio!


STUDIO BLOG part three

Third day at Mysterium studio, second day drum recording!
Today is hate-day! Lot`s of stuff went not as we expected them to....especially the snare beeing broke!
Never the less we fixed all problems and managed to record the final song!

In the end we managed to record 7 songs yesterday sotoday we had 4 left....

Here`s a little glimpse into Mysterium studio for you!

STUDIO BLOG part two

Second day at Mysterium studio.
Tao is recording drums together with Moshfred!
Mike and me just hanging, listening, giving good far five songs are done: Opposition, White Shores, Filth (all of them are new), Thoughts Of Denial and Of Solid Sense And Loving Hearts!

Hell Yeah......

We`re hoping Arkadi is in the mood to record another one tonight!
Five done, six left....or maybe five left?! We`ll see........ARKADI!!!!??

STUDIO BLOG part one

First day at Mysterium studio. Feeling comfortable as always.
Arkadi, Tao and myself (Seb) basically checking drumsounds, talking, listening to music, eating.....

Everything is going pretty smooth.
We`re trying out different things....all sounds fucking least to me!

So excited about the things to come within the next few weeks!!! We are fucking READY!!

New shows added....

We`re playing Slow End Fest in Venlo (NL) on staurday, may 19th with lots of awesome bands!
Fucking stoked!!
Beers, friends, music....nothin better! Hang with us!

Furthermore we`ll play some shows in Siegen, Basel (CH) at the DANIEL BLAGE remembrance show (singer of Life Ends who tragically died a few weeks back), Torgau at GRIND THE NAZI SCUM and The DOOM OVER GIESSEN show.

Another great one with WEEKEND NACHOS coming up in july in Tillburg (NL)

We`re playing Slow End Fest on staurday, may 19th with lots of awesome bands!
Fucking stoked!!
Beers, friends, music....nothin better! Hang with us!


Tapes are out now!! The tape inculdes the "Doomridden" CD as well as the "self-titled" 7" EP

- limited to 60 handnumbered copies
- diecut extra cover
- spraypainted tapes
- 100% D.I.Y.

Get them in our store here or drop us a line:
We also have some 7"s as well as a few shirts and CDs left!


We`re about to finish the work on a limited to 60 run of "MMXI" audiotapes that will soon be available through us, Puzzle Records & Last Exit!
The tape inculdes the "Doomridden" CD as well as the "self-titled" 7" EP and comes in a real nice DIY packaging including a handnumbered diecut extra cover!
Here`s a little preview...

Booking news!

We are proud to announce that we are now part of the Doomstar Bookings roster side by side with great acts like Eryn Non Dae, Hangman`s Chair, Unkind, Aguirre, Magrudergrind, Malignant Tumour etc!
Here is what Luc and Luuk had to say:

"New signings to the roster!
Time for some news, and boy are we proud. We are not just announcing one new signing to our roster, but four new ones (although some have been on-line for a bit already). Here we go with our latest additions in brutality! (...) the German band Bitterness Exhumed who made a super smashing impression at last year’s Bloodshed Fest. These guys have found a way to combine hardcore with sludge, math and grind, mould it into one smashing sound and manage to blow you completely away when they’re on stage. Haters can hate, but real music lovers will receive these guys with open arms, as have we."

On another note we will play Doomstar`s SLOW END FEST in may 19th in Venlo (NL) together with Acid Deathrip, Blind To Faith, Alpinist, Hangman`s Chair, Mindflair, Antiseen, Rise And Fall, Grieved, Catheter and many more


We have a new band member. His name is Mario, he rips the guitar like none other and he sings in a great band named Choking On Illusions. Their album will be out very soon!
Better check them out!

Upcoming show with FTF in Karlsruhe!

7" out /// New SHIRTS! Girlies available!!!

order them in our shop! 10€ + shipping!
If you don`t have paypal drop us a line!

We have also some copies of our 7" left! Get it in the shop too!

Next shows!

We`re so looking forward to playing these shows! Show up and support!!

Next SHOW!!!

21.01.2012 / STARTS 8pm / 5 EUR / JUZ ST. INGBERT


Get it in the shop!


This is a yet untitled song we gonna record within the next weeks for an upcoming self-released 7" EP!
The EP will feature another song! We plan on recording a third song which will not appear on the EP!

Video Info:
recorded in our rehearsalroom
mixed and mastered by Arkadi Zaslavski and Max Nicklas @ Mysterium Studio
video by Max Nicklas Media
camera by Yves Otterbach (Ambitous Films)
editing by Max Nicklas


We shot a bandphoto yesterday! Check it out!!!
from left to right: Max (Guitar), Mike (Bass), Moshfred (Guitar), Seb (Vocals), Tao (Drums)
Photo by Robert Bachmann


Shirts are available NOW! Both-sided grey print on black Fruit Of The Loom shirts. Order them for 10€ + postage through


Some of us play in different other bands you definetly should check out!!

- BLEED INTO ONE (latest album "The scars remain" out on Demons Run Amok)
- DIORAMIC (latest album "Technicolor" out on Lifeforce)
- MINDFLAIR (latest album "Stagnation" out on Bones Brigade)
- UNLEARNED (Latest album "Pestilence from the west" out on Ecocentric)


New two-sided shirts are in the making!
They should be available within the next few weeks for dirt cheap!
So no reason why you shouldn`t wrap your body in some new awesome-looking fabric!
Shirts will look kinda like on the picture above!
you can order shirts by contacting us through Facebook or


Cover art for the debut album "Doomridden" is almost done! Check a first impression!
Christof Giebe at INK STING TIEF did it! We are fucking stoked!!!
"Doomridden" will be out within the next months on ECOCENTRIC RECORDS