STUDIO BLOG part four

Day four at the studio!

Since about 9 hours Mike is recording bass and it sounds fucking killer! He`s wearing a "None heavier" Crowbar-shirt and to me (while i`m sitting here listening to him getting the job done) it`s exactly what`s up: none fucking heavier (or at least none that we ever recorded so far....)

We`re almost done now and the result is awesome so far.
Piece by piece the project takes shape and it feels fucking exciting so hear the songs getting more and more like we want them to be.....

As Mike nailed all 11 songs today we can start recording Moshfred`s guitar tommorw, starting at 12pm!

As always here are some impression from the day in the studio!


STUDIO BLOG part three

Third day at Mysterium studio, second day drum recording!
Today is hate-day! Lot`s of stuff went not as we expected them to....especially the snare beeing broke!
Never the less we fixed all problems and managed to record the final song!

In the end we managed to record 7 songs yesterday sotoday we had 4 left....

Here`s a little glimpse into Mysterium studio for you!

STUDIO BLOG part two

Second day at Mysterium studio.
Tao is recording drums together with Moshfred!
Mike and me just hanging, listening, giving good far five songs are done: Opposition, White Shores, Filth (all of them are new), Thoughts Of Denial and Of Solid Sense And Loving Hearts!

Hell Yeah......

We`re hoping Arkadi is in the mood to record another one tonight!
Five done, six left....or maybe five left?! We`ll see........ARKADI!!!!??

STUDIO BLOG part one

First day at Mysterium studio. Feeling comfortable as always.
Arkadi, Tao and myself (Seb) basically checking drumsounds, talking, listening to music, eating.....

Everything is going pretty smooth.
We`re trying out different things....all sounds fucking least to me!

So excited about the things to come within the next few weeks!!! We are fucking READY!!