Booking news!

We are proud to announce that we are now part of the Doomstar Bookings roster side by side with great acts like Eryn Non Dae, Hangman`s Chair, Unkind, Aguirre, Magrudergrind, Malignant Tumour etc!
Here is what Luc and Luuk had to say:

"New signings to the roster!
Time for some news, and boy are we proud. We are not just announcing one new signing to our roster, but four new ones (although some have been on-line for a bit already). Here we go with our latest additions in brutality! (...) the German band Bitterness Exhumed who made a super smashing impression at last year’s Bloodshed Fest. These guys have found a way to combine hardcore with sludge, math and grind, mould it into one smashing sound and manage to blow you completely away when they’re on stage. Haters can hate, but real music lovers will receive these guys with open arms, as have we."

On another note we will play Doomstar`s SLOW END FEST in may 19th in Venlo (NL) together with Acid Deathrip, Blind To Faith, Alpinist, Hangman`s Chair, Mindflair, Antiseen, Rise And Fall, Grieved, Catheter and many more